3 pro tips for practicing self-massage

Do you want to learn facial yoga? In order to tone your skin, apply advices of Evy Cifaï, a pioneer of the genre behind the exclusive Lyft by Evy anti-aging protocol.
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An express routine for taking care of your skin every day
"Whenever I need to recharge my batteries, I practice a minute of heart coherence to refocus on myself, while placing my hands on my face. Then I open the 3 doors of the lymphatic circulation (a place where small internal "depurative factories" of the epidermis could be found) to remove toxins from the face: I focus on the angle of youth by massaging the oval of the face and stretching the muscles firmly, then I smooth the surface of his cheeks starting from the inside of the face, before massaging the entire extent of the forehead with my palms, as if I want to brighten it up. I can end up with a movement of lymphatic drainage by applying light pressure on the cervical area, at the tip of the neck."

What gestures will increase the effect of cosmetic care and boost the blood circulation?
"The most effective gesture in my opinion is the method known as the Jacquet pinch, which consists of small pinches of the facial muscle tissue, to be performed for 3 minutes at a stretch. You can operate more delicate pressures around the eyes and lips, and increase the intensity on the cheeks or forehead. This is formidable in effectiveness, it boosts the production of collagen and elastin which must constantly be awakened with advancing age, especially in quarantine when the complexion is sometimes at half mast.

Your healthy tips to gain radiance?
"I am a fan of clay masks, in particular pink and white which are soft and bring a lot of radiance and light, for a tight and detoxified skin texture. I practice yoga daily with pranayama breaths to boost my complexion and the glow of my skin. And above all I cultivate what I call the inner smile, true positive philosophy that I maintain during daily meditation sessions. This is my magic recipe!"





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