5 delicious autumn perfumes

Autumn has made its appearance and we are exchanging the terraces for our old trusted bank. But first to the bathroom cabinet ...
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This is how light and floral scents make way for some swords, more spicy, more wood. We have put five delicious autumn smells for you.

The Paris-based brand Diptyque always knows how to surprise with finesse, also in their smells. Vetyverio offers the perfect balance of wood, a touch of citrus, smokiness and flowers.



100ml € 98 (Available at Skins)

A tough perfume with a surprising character. You can smell not just nutmeg, cinnamon, but also lime and a bit of cedar wood for some extra sensuality .



30ml € 67 (available at Douglas)

The deep scent of amber and the powdery of Turkish rose. This exclusive fragrance by Dior is a wonderful gift for yourself.



125ml € 198

How hot do you want to have a perfume? Again a pinch of cedar wood, this time accompanied by the glory and mystery of old, refreshed with bergamot. (Tip: also very nice as scented candle ...)



100ml € 136

CHANEL - Eau de toilette N ° 5 L'Eau

A classic, so familiar, with a contemporary twist: Chanel N ° 5 L'Eau. The legendary bouquet can still be observed, but above all you will discover a blend of honey, orange and cotton.

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