7 most popular skin-aging habits

There are a lot of habits that have a tremendous impact on health and beauty, but your skin is most likely to be aged seven.
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1. Do not use sunscreen

In the sun without a protective cream, you make tremendous damage to your skin and significantly accelerate the aging process. This is a long-established and undisputed truth, so SPF creams should not be a sea vacation attribute, but a mandatory part of your daily skin care procedure.

2. You are constantly stressed

Stress is the second major determinant of skin aging. Stress dries the skin, breaks its protective barrier, promotes the appearance of acne and wrinkles. With prolonged stress, the skin loses vitality, elasticity, and resistance, so avoid stressful situations and tension. If you do not manage to avoid stress, change your attitudes and responses to problems and give yourself enough attention and time to recover.

3. Eat worthless food

Processed food rich in sugars and salt, fatty foods made with saturated fats, trans fats and hydrogenated oils, carbohydrates, threatening preservatives and dyes that hide in the worthless food will undoubtedly hurt not only health but also the beauty of the skin, To pre-empt time, eat as much raw, raw, organic food as possible: vegetables, fruits, berries. Avoid caffeine, sugar, salt, products with high glycemic index, fried foods, yeast food, dairy products, and other dubious foods.

4. Not enough sleep

Beauty sleep - not just a winged phrase. In the absence of sleep, the skin loses its brightness, elasticity and the ability to regenerate properly. Not going to sleep for one night, of course, will not happen, but due to chronic sleep deprivation, the skin will soon become tired and colorless, and the eyes darken and swollen. So try to go to bed for about 22 hours, sleep on your back, softer pillow, covered with a white silk cover.

5. You have harmful habits

Alcohol removes nutrients, obviously dehydrates the skin and can promote breakthroughs in some skin diseases (pink, acne). Cigarettes - wastes vitamin C - the most important antioxidant of the body and promotes aging of the skin no less than ultraviolet rays, so fight not with aging, but with harmful habits and the body will not only delight in good health, but also skinny, smooth and youthful skin

6. Вы используете неподходящие косметические средства

Skin care should be as common as teeth: daily and without compromise. Good skin care and well-chosen cosmetic products help prevent skin problems, maintain a healthy, youthful look longer and avoid aggressive invasive procedures.

7. Do not exercise

Exercise intensifies blood circulation and its penetration into the skin, which means that exercise skin also gets more oxygen and nutrients. In addition, muscles are gaining strength and strength, and they are also an integral part of the firm skin and youthful miracles. True, according to specialists, too intense sport does not diminish, but causes stress and creates free radicals, so that without harm to the skin, they advise to moderate and careful.

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