At home with Gaultier

The iconic fragrances of Jean Paul Gaultier are revealed in a series of photographs: Gorka Postigo's Jars in Quarantine.
1587548965552402 le male takes the dog out1587548965834464 candlelight scandal dinner
1587548966089616 le male and la belle movie night1587548966340759 classique in the kitchen
1587548966602798 le male and le beau as a couple

The fashion photographer, and a regular contributor to the French maison, has made this production from start to finish at home: without anything from outside, without human equipment, without study, without materials and accessories. The creative process of this photographic series pays tribute to the everyday scenes of staying at home in the face of confinement. Classique, Le Beau, Scandal, and a few other iconic Jean Paul Gaultier fragrances star in the day-to-day routine during this confinement.

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