Autumn Fragrance Trends

As the seasons change, so do the perfumes we wear.
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Perfume is an invisible yet always fashionable accessory. Aroma indeed does have extraordinary power, as it can cause both positive and negative emotions. It is an expression of feeling, mood, or personality. Perfume, blended with the natural chemistry of the human body, gives each one of us a unique scent that becomes our signature.


In autumn, we want to feel comfortable, so we tend to look for a scent that warms us up in some ways. Autumn scents are generally sharper and more vibrant than the light and fresh scents used in spring or summer. The main ingredients of autumn fragrances are heavier and more refined, such as cinnamon, carnation, rum, amber, tobacco, saffron, leather, cognac, and more. This year, the aromas can be divided into two categories: wood and oriental fragrances.

Wood Scent Family

Skin odor. The main fragrance notes are a combination of dry wood and leather, as well as the smell of smoke and new leather shoes. Such a fragrance is perfect for men and strong, determined women.

The smell of mossThe main notes of the scent are combinations of oak, moss, amber, and citrus. Such perfumes are at once sensual and dramatic, spicy, and refreshing. Therefore, it is perfect for self-confident people.

The smell of a weevilThe main notes of the scent are combinations of cedar, licorice, and vetiver. This fragrance family is dominated by wood notes, while the rest are just highlights. Like all moss fragrances, these perfumes are designed for strong, self-confident people.

Oriental Scent Family

The smell of wood. The main notes of the scent are combinations of oak, liquorice, and patchouli. The base note is wood, but oriental notes give the fragrance a cosiness. Such perfumes are bold, exotic, and alluring.

The smell of gum. The main notes of the scent are combinations of cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, and vanilla. These rich, luxurious, and long-lasting scents are perfect for winter.

The smell of amber. The base notes of this fragrance are combinations of incense and amber — a light and gentle scent that will perfectly complement the romantic image.


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