Hermès is exploring new horizons - beautiful ones

The brand presents new direction – Beauty, and launches its first lip collection called Rouge Hermès.
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Five years since the Hermès house launched out in this beautiful history of beauty in order to integrate it as well as possible into its universe and its know-how and it is now done. To achieve this, the game was played with several hands under the aegis of the artistic director of Hermès Pierre-Alexis Dumas, surrounded by Pierre Hardy, the creative director of the shoe, jewelry and jewelery who signed the object , from Bali Barret, the artistic director of the female universe and creative director of feminine silk, who carried the vision of the feminine and color, of Jérôme Touron, the creative director of Beauty who transposed this vision in make-up and finally Christine Nagel, the director of olfactory creation who added the scent to this collection. Created in noble materials with lacquered, brushed, polished, black, white or permabrass gold metal and assembled manually, lipsticks are refillable and made to last. When the sensual and fine textures, they deposit in a line the material with a mat or satin finish, evocative of the Doblis and Box leathers of the house.

With its unreasonable passion for nuance, its madness of the right tone and its real language, Hermès imagines for this collection 24 colors, selection inspired by the silk trades, with the infinite richness of its color chart, that is to say 75,000 colors, and leather with 900 shades. As beautiful inside as outside, these Rouge Hermès objects cultivate a sense of detail, right down to the famous orange box, in miniature version.


The Rouge Hermès collection composed of lipsticks (62 euros for a refillable tube in lacquered metal) but also a lip care balm (62 euros), lip glosses (62 euros), a pencil universal lips (35 euros), a lacquered wooden lip brush (75 euros) and a collection of leather accessories, cases and moon mirror, will be available from March 4, 2020.

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