Bella Hadid Brings Glamour to Halloween

Who said that Halloween couldn't be glamorous?
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Halloween has never been more stylish. Dior plunged into the Halloween atmosphere for its new editorial featuring Bella Hadid and Ludwig Wilsdorff. The images are full of power and malice, with beauty looks created by Peter Philips. Elegance and mystery are also present, highlighting the colour red: the beating of the heart, love, passion, and anger.

1572772504045659 03 halloween main1572772504412853 02 halloween main
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For a velvety skin effect, Peter Philips chose the Dior Forever foundation, which sublimates the skin and lasts 4 hours. Also, the Diorshow Pump'N 'Volume HD mask was used to give texture and power to the look. Rouge Blush 999 and Rouge Dior 999 lipstick make the look vibrant and passionate. To top it off, the limited-edition Tri (O) Blique eyeshadow palette is perfect for smoky-eye looks.

1572772504705163 05 halloween main1572772505012669 04 halloween main
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1572772505402811 01 moodpack sauf japon
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1572772505705663 03 moodpack sauf japon1572772506040259 02 moodpack global
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