Celebrities without makeup

More and more stars are betting on the "clean face"
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"Perfection" is far from reality, but when it comes to our favorite celebrities, we think no less. With an impeccable eyeliner, full and shiny lips and not a single skin defect. However, like you and me, they are humans and have a more natural side, and with the emergence of the #NoMakeup and #WokeUpLikeThis selfies, we are seeing this more and more on social media. It is super refreshing to see the natural beauty of celebrities shine and to see their movements empowering young people and makeup lovers all over the world. Check out which are the most searched celebrities when it comes to clean face:

1. Ariana Grande - 252,000

2. Lady Gaga - 168,000


3. Kylie Jenner - 156,000


4. Alicia Keys - 132,000


5. Cardi B - 132,000


6. Taylor Swift - 111,600


7. Katy Perry - 104,400


8. Gwen Stefani - 99,600


9. Belle Delphine - 96,000


10. Nicki Minaj - 94,800


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