Chanel Beauty’s Make-Up for New Year

Discover Chanel Beauty's New Year collection inspired by a gold leaf!

Chanel Beauty has released a new line of high-quality products in dazzling packaging. The name of the unique collection is Les Ornements de Chanel, which has quickly become the focus of beauty enthusiasts. Lucia Pica, the brand's global make-up designer, was inspired by the gold foils that adorned Gabrielle Chanel's Paris apartment. The 13-piece collection containing an eyeshadow palette, lipsticks, nail polishes, eyeliners, and a rouge make-up bag is a must-have. As you can imagine, bronze, khaki, and gold colours dominate in the Les Ornements de Chanel collection. It is also worth mentioning that the flawless packaging design of all the pieces in the collection, expected to be launched on November 1, brings extra charm to the line.


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