Lift your beauty. Highly smoothing and firming, LE LIFT skincare unites performance with nature. The key active ingredient in its formulas, alfalfa concentrate, is as efficient as retinol and gentle on the skin.
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In 1927, Gabrielle Chanel launched her first skincare line to preserve and maintain the skin’s natural beauty.* As someone who believed that fashion went hand in hand with women’s liberation, she felt it was just as essential to free women from the passage of time and to envision style as a whole: from clothing to fragrance, from accessories to skincare. Today, this modern, holistic vision continues to resonate with women of all ages who wish to express their beauty and individuality.

It was with these women in mind that CHANEL created LE LIFT in 2013, a high- performance skincare line based on an unparalleled approach to anti-aging, firming, and anti-wrinkle products. With LE LIFT, CHANEL has committed to designing well-tolerated, natural formulas that unite efficacy with sensory appeal.

*1929 catalogue.

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In 2021, the new-and-improved LE LIFT Sérum is now more effective and powerful than ever. Technological advancements, new discoveries and a reinforced formula have led to the creation of a new skincare product offering a more targeted solution with a lifting effect. The anti-aging power of botanical alfalfa concentrate is now combined with the preventive benefits of a black peppermint PFA* complex and a custom-developed, restructuring massage technique in order to smooth, firm, protect and fortify skin in a single step. Day after day, the skin looks denser, more elastic and visibly smoother.

*PolyFractioning of Active ingredients. A specific process developed by CHANEL that allows for the creation of ultra-pure, active cosmetic ingredients.


A high-performance active ingredient that is gentle on the skin

For the LE LIFT range, CHANEL selected a plant grown in France that is rich in minerals, trace elements, vitamins and amino acids: alfalfa. A green biotech- nological process is used to extract a high-performance, smoothing and firming active ingredient from its seeds. Gentle on the skin, its action is similar to that of retinol, a key ingredient against skin aging.* It stimulates the production of type I collagen and reactivates the cellular proliferation of keratinocytes, all while encouraging epidermal differentiation.*

*Comparisons of the stimulation of keratinocyte differentiation and proliferation, as well as collagen I synthesis - In vitro tests. Comparison of the increase in epidermal thickness - Tests on reconstructed skin. Comparisons of anti-wrinkle and smoothing effects - Instrumental measure performed on 21 women.

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A botanical shield

A product of CHANEL Research and Innovation, LE LIFT Sérum contains a protective, peppermint-based complex that effectively targets all sources of oxidation within the skin.

Grown in France using sustainable production methods, black peppermint demonstrates both a strong ability to adapt to different environments and a high level of resistance to stress.

CHANEL utilizes its signature technology, PolyFractioning, to extract only the quintessence of the peppermint plant. This results in the creation of an active ingredient rich in rosmarinic acid**: Peppermint PFA. A powerful antioxidant by nature, it is then developed into lipophilic and hydrophilic forms using molecular design*** in order to bring out new protective properties. These three active ingredients are combined to form the patented**** black peppermint PFA complex, which delivers antioxidant action that is as effective as that of vitamin C.

The black peppermint PFA complex protects the skin on all levels: on the surface, it protects against free radicals from UV exposure or pollution, and inside the cells, it combats oxidative stress.

*PolyFractioning of Active ingredients. A specific process developed by CHANEL that allows for the creation of ultra-pure, active cosmetic ingredients. **Polyphenolic compound. ***Innovative green chemistry process that makes it possible to graft an additional molecular extract onto an existing molecule in order to improve its performance. In this case, two molecular designs are grafted onto Peppermint PFA. ****Patented in Europe and the U.S.; Japanese patent application submitted.

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Formulated with 93% naturally derived ingredients,* LE LIFT Sérum delivers long- lasting hydration and a sensation of freshness. It has a smooth, fluid texture that glides onto the skin, enveloping it in a protective shield and instantly smoothing out imperfections.


LE LIFT Sérum offers an instant tightening effect that lasts all day.** It helps fade even the deepest of wrinkles, restores the skin’s elasticity, and redefines the facial contours, making the features appear lifted. Fortified, the skin looks smoother, firmer (+43%***), and more luminous.


Before you apply LE LIFT Sérum, take a few minutes to massage and prepare your skin. Use the fingertips to perform vigorous effleurage strokes in an upward direction, alternating one hand after the other. Start at the jawline and work up toward the cheekbones, temples, and forehead. Repeat these steps on the other side of the face.

*A hyaluronic acid and plant-derived glycerin duo; biopolymer extracted from manioc. **Self-assessment completed by 33 women 24 hours after a single application. ***Self-assessment completed by 33 women after 2 months of use.

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Lotions are the prelude to every beauty ritual and are fundamental for radiant skin. As a complementary and now essential bonus, they finalize cleansing and prepare the skin to receive the next products. LE LIFT Lotion delivers targeted anti-aging action. The secret: botanical alfalfa concentrate, a smoothing and firming active ingredient, combined with a magnetic water complex developed by CHANEL Research, which delivers beneficial hydration deep within the skin. Bringing together efficacy and extreme comfort, LE LIFT Lotion was specially reformulated to offer a combination of high-performance, natural ingredients and a sensorial experience.


Based on its extensive understanding of the skin and its formulation expertise, CHANEL Research created a magnetic water complex composed of skin-mimetic elements with the power to structure water in concentric layers, which increases its affinity and availability within the skin. Like a magnet, it helps attract, bind, and retain water molecules for intense, long-lasting epidermal hydration.

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LE LIFT Lotion preserves the skin’s balance for radiant beauty. In affinity with the skin, it has a new, denser, jelly-like texture that transforms into a water on application. It absorbs instantly and leaves skin with a pleasant feeling of comfort (+23%**). The tensing effect is immediate (+17%**). Skin texture is refined and pores are less visible (-13%****). Skin appears plumped (+14%**) and stays hydrated for 8 hours.*** Smoother and firmer, it is better prepared to face daily aggressors. The complexion glows with luminosity (+17%**).


As a first beauty step, apply LE LIFT Lotion morning and evening with the fingertips or a cotton pad, smoothing from the center of the face outward and over the neck after carefully cleansing and removing makeup. For even better results, gently pinch the skin along the nasolabial folds, the forehead line, and on the cheeks with the thumb and index finger. Repeat 3 times.

Follow with the other products from the LE LIFT range: Crème Yeux, Sérum, Crème or Crème de Nuit.

**Self-assessment completed by 32 women, immediately after use. ***Instrumental evaluation performed on 20 people, using a Corneometer. ****Clinical evaluation performed on 32 women after 1 month of use.

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