Chanel Redefines Make-Up Removal

Sometimes perceived as an obligation, make-up removal now promises to be synonymous with pleasure with Chanel's new Sublimage collection.
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There are new additions to the Sublimage line, with the divine smell of vanilla, transcending the art of cleansing the skin. As a ritual of make-up removal, this is an opportunity to spend a real moment of serenity with yourself, both in the morning and evening.

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The collection comes in four options that can be combined according to your needs or preferences. Each product in the collection will give you healthy, soft, and comfortable skin and a pure, fresh, and incredibly luminous complexion.

More than a make-up removal, Chanel offers four extra-sensory treatments enriched with natural active ingredients: intense antioxidant vanilla planifolia water and detoxifying harungana extract. Selected with great care by Chanel Research, the harungana extract stimulates enzymes that break bridges between corneocytes while delicately removing toxins, accumulated in the skin tissue. Thus, it regulates the process of desquamation of the skin and promotes the appearance of healthy and fresh cells. The intense vanilla planifolia water, on the other hand, displays the high antioxidant properties of the vanilla fruit.

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For double make-up removal, simply use Sublimage L'Huile-en-Gel Démaquillage or Sublimage L'Eau de Démaquillage, and then continue with Soap Care. This routine will help to eliminate the fatty molecules by affinity with the oil, then the particles of pollution with the foam. The black vibrating scrub Sublimage Limage The Vanilla Beans can also be incorporated in this ritual, two to three times a week, to get rid of the last dead cells and reveal the radiance of the skin.

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