CHANEL presents ROUGE ALLURE LAQUE, the first lifeproof lip color offering extreme shine and intensity: a comfortable ultrawear texture that is easy to apply and wear to accentuate your allure and boost your confidence.
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A satin brilliance that dazzles non-stop, intense color, unequalled comfort and unstoppable hold... A lip color with ultrawear shine, ROUGE ALLURE LAQUE reconciles all contradictions in a single creation. Its fluid formula fuses with lips and dresses your smile in elegance in all circumstances. 12 hours* of color, satin shine and hydration. 8 hours** of comfort and softness. From morning until evening, lips stay impeccable for unprecedented perfection.

* Clinical evaluation by a trained assessor on 21 women ** Self-assessment on 21 women

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Delicate and creamy, its texture embraces the lips and smoothly follows their natural movements. Water-resistant, it also withstands the rubbing and smudging of daily life. Its thin, supple mesh is composed of two agents: the first traps pigments for unchanging color radiance, while the second locks in a blend of oils for continuous shine. In a single stroke, this ultra-comfortable second skin imprints lips with lasting color and shine for 12 hours*.

* Clinical evaluation by a trained assessor on 21 women

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Vibrant, dense and flamboyant... Color expresses all of its intensity with a savvy mix of finely ground pigments. Coated in oils, they reveal an extremely pure color presence. On application, a volatile oil evaporates, leaving nothing but vibrant radiance on the lips.

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In addition to delivering extreme shine and intense color, ROUGE ALLURE LAQUE cares for lips and envelops them in comfort. Hydrated for 12 hours*, lips stay soft and supple, with no feeling of tightness. The skin barrier of the lips is perfectly preserved by an antioxidant complex of Sappan wood and vitamin E.

* Instrumental evaluation on 20 volunteers

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An immediately recognizable silhouette... The ROUGE ALLURE LAQUE tube dresses up in a shiny gradation of black lacquer with a sheer finish to reveal the pure, radiant shade inside. Its high-precision curved and streamlined applicator with an ultra-soft foam tip adapts to the shape of the lips to leave just the right amount of product, for application that is easier than ever.

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Available on the counters starting from January 15th



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