Discover the gold object which is the beauty secret of our favorite stars

The stars spare no expense when it comes to the precious skin of their face.
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What do Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston have in common? Along with incredible careers and talents, the two share the same secret to their flawless skin: an accessory to tone the skin, and gold, please.

Named The Gold Sculpting Bar, this luxurious item was designed by famous makeup artist Jillian Dempsey for her eponymous brand and has an internal mechanism to emit vibrations, all while benefiting from 24 karat gold on its cover.



Gold, as an antioxidant metal with anti-inflammatory properties, helps relieve inflammation and fight fine lines, while the vibrations emitted by the tool are able to mimic the effects of a massage in order to relax instantly the muscles and release any tension. Jennifer has previously revealed that she uses the device to help absorb her facial oils.

And she's not alone: Naomi Watts, Leslie Mann and Gwyneth Paltrow also consider themselves fans of the device. In fact, Gwyneth even went so far as to call the ritual with the device a " natural home lift " in a recent video she shared on Instagram.



So what exactly does it do and where exactly should you use it?

The tool is mainly intended for blood circulation, toning and reshaping, and is very gentle and effective - giving the effect of a massage to your face. Despite its reassuring nature, it is best used in areas where the skin is naturally more saggy, as the tool can look a bit stiff if placed too close to the bone.

The benefits don't end there and the neck area itself can benefit from this technique as well. Many people have two wrinkles caused by technology when looking at their phones all day. Simply use this tool on the affected area and watch the magic happen!





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