Ecstasy Mirror: Shine in a new dimension

The new campaign of Armani Beauty shows supermodel Barbara Palvin in a luxuriously mirrored elevator; she wears ECSTASY MIRROR in the vibrating red of the Nuance N° 402 and perfectly embodies the bold, modern approach of the new lip varnish.
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Strawberry-red lips flatter the delicately tanned complexion that we took with us from our forced vacation in balconies and always look fresh and youthful. In this season it may also shine and this is perhaps more important than ever in view of the rather dreary everyday life.

Giorgio Armani Beauté is guaranteed to lift the spirits with ECSTASY MIRROR: the new lip varnish combines captivating mirror high gloss with 10 exclusive trend nuances and absolute hold. In short - maximum gloss effect and colour to suit your mood.

The innovative soft applicator ensures that the whole thing is done with just one gesture. It combines a gently curved centre for generous, fast application with a fine precision tip for the perfect finish.

"With just one application, Ecstasy Mirror immediately delivers colour and brilliance, setting new standards for colour intensity, well-being and shine!"
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The slender black bottle is adorned with an elegant colour gradient from bottom to top that allows each nuance to shimmer through in a refined way.

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