Gucci Beauty Reveals Its Most Desirable Launch Yet

The Italian house makes our hearts skip a beat with new additions to the Gucci Beauty family
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As if it knew we were craving for more, Gucci Beauty (@guccibeauty) has unveiled new face and eye makeup collections, following the launch of its lipstick line and L'Obscur mascara. 

That means we can now create a full look using Gucci Beauty! The latest addition is updated with three hero products, including face powder Poudre De Beauté Mat Naturel, brow pencil Crayon Définition Sourcils, and multi-purpose face gloss Éclat De Beauté Effet Lumière.

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“Makeup should accentuate, not conceal as it is, in essence, a physical expression of the self,” said Alessandro Michele on Gucci Beauty’s commitment to embrace individuality and express freedom.

The first generation of Gucci Beauty’s face and eye makeup collections deliver neutral shades that flatter every skin tone, and lightweight textures to create healthy and natural looks — taking us back to what is most essential.

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Let's start with the Poudre De Beauté Mat Naturel. Housed in a pink gold refillable compact, the face powder promises a unified complexion that feels like a second skin. Not only is it easy to set and bake, you can also count on it to keep your makeup looking fresh all day long, thanks to the emollient agents in the formula.

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In the same vein as L’Obscur mascara, the Crayon Définition Sourcils is made to transcend every look. Available in six different shades, the dual-sided brow pencil highlights a spoolie designed to offer brilliant control for you to define and blend — be it a gentle arch or a dramatic one with a natural finish.

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And here comes the cherry on top. The Éclat De Beauté Effet Lumière is a multi-use gloss that delivers a sheer veil of transparent illumination. Using your fingertips, you can plump the lips, accent the eyes, or sculpt the cheeks with a dewy touch.

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Furthermore, Gucci Beauty is also releasing a limited edition of Rouge à Lèvres Mat, inspired by spring blossoms. Encased in Gucci Beauty's signature golden tube, the long-wearing formula has a silky smooth, velvety texture.

And just like how flowers burst into blooms, the new edition of Rouge à Lèvres Mat enchants with a spectrum of rich, vivid pigments with an intense matte finish. 

Swipe the gallery below to take a look at the six different shades of Rouge à Lèvres Mat:


Visit gucci.com to find out more.

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