Kith and Estée Lauder Celebrate Natural Beauty

The collaborative new collection plays on the streetwear brand's "Just Us" motto to blend timeless beauty with the current climate of minimalist skincare.
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Kith and Estée Lauder want to remind you who you should really be trying to impress with your skincare routine. Major hint: it's not your crush, your beauty junkie friend, or your Instagram feed. Instead, the new collaboration is about "Just You," a play on Kith's "Just Us" motto that aims to help every woman's natural beauty shine.

The new collection comprises five products, all of which come in minimalist packaging finished with an archival logo from 1946. The line will help users to uncover their true beauty with a foam cleanser, a treatment lotion, anti-aging cream, a lip conditioner, and Estée Lauder's famous Advanced Night Repair serum. Making this simple but restorative routine look and feel that much better, the full set comes in an Estée Lauder canvas bag and transparent Kith case, a reminder of the collaboration's timeless modernity with its blend of aesthetics and luxurious gold detailing. And really driving the "Just You" point home, a travel mirror rounds out the collection.

The collaboration helps to reinvigorate the heritage beauty company's innovative spirit by bringing influence from one of today's biggest streetwear brands. Both Lauder and Kith founder Ronnie Fieg were born in Queens, and they also aesthetically connect with their forward-thinking visions and desire to break boundaries. Hypebeasts might suddenly care more about skincare than ever before, but in the process, they will learn about how even one of today's largest prestige beauty manufacturers grew from one entrepreneur's disruptive thinking.

With images celebrating the natural side of the Instagram era's glowing aesthetic, the new collaboration seems sure to attract a new generation to Estée Lauder's inventive sophistication. Nostalgia says a lot more about the present than one may realize, and those who use the new products can enjoy an aesthetic that transcends time as they journey towards their best skin.

The Kith x Estée Lauder collection will be available in stores and online beginning on Friday, March 15 at 11 AM EDT.


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