L'ateliero Shows Us Their Amazing Olfactory Atelier

Some people are monogamous in their relationship with perfume - others try to express their mood through the fragrance. As different as these philosophies seem, both can be realised through L'ateliero perfumes.
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The dream of the couple Rudi and Aurelia Bedy was to create exquisite fragrances that are unmistakably different from all others and underline the wearer's individuality. In 2020 their olfactory atelier was created - L'Ateliero. 


Furry Attraction

"Furry attraction" is characterised by floral aromas, which seduce with fresh notes in a delicate coordination of elegant harmony through the invigorating character of lychee, roses and freesia. Warming amber rounds off the seductive composition, sensually and unobtrusively placing the wearer in the centre of attention thanks to the expressive fragrance aromas.

"The Queen" underlines the strong and self-confident personality of the wearer with a sweet and tart note. Carefully coordinated nuances of lemon, jasmine and orange blossom round off the fragrance of strong raspberry and honey notes. Ambergris and patchouli provide a warming and slightly woody accent.

The choice of perfume has a significant influence on how we are perceived and understood by those around us, making our own scent a part of our identity.


Photos: PR materials

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