L'Or de Vie by Dior, a secret of eternal youth?

Ultra-efficient, the new L'Or de Vie serum by Dior exploits the treasures of viticulture.
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A grand cru treatment
A true masterpiece of cosmetics, this luxurious treatment harnesses the power of the terroir of Yquem, a legendary wine estate in the Bordeaux vineyard. And lift the veil on Biotrytis Cinerea, a micro-organism with considerable antioxidant power, responsible for the regeneration of the skin of the grapes.

A holistic experience
Worked like an exceptional vintage by the master formulators of the Dior house, the texture of the serum gives pride of place to sensoriality. Its golden glass case struck with the legendary Y contains a melting and velvety nectar which fuses in just a few seconds with the epidermis.

Quick results
Thanks to its ultra-concentrated formula, a single drop of product is enough, and that's good, because that is saying that L'Or de Vie is worth its weight in gold (603 euros for 30 ml). After seven days of use, the skin already appears smoother and the complexion more radiant. An ideal treatment to start the winter.

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L'Or de Vie by Dior

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