Madonna's best looks

The story of the Queen of pop is revisited with her memorable looks.
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Rebel Queen is the new claim of The Italian Issue de L'Officiel Italia with Madonna on the cover, and no adjective could describe best her rebellious and irreverent personality. A true undisputed icon, her looks have totally revolutionized the way of thinking of all the pop stars. From the pink Schiaparelli dress worn in " Material Girl" to the glam-rock of the 70s with the " Confessions on a Dance Floor" album, her looks have always been at the center of her staging and creative performances. With an orientation to provocation, Madonna immediately attracted everyone's attention. The unforgettable catwalk in 1992 with Jean Paul Gaultier, when she wore a harness, as well as the scandal of "Live to Tell" installation with a mirrored cross alluded to the ritual of crucifixion. During the career her chameleon-like approach perfectly describes the succession of trends that have marked real periods. From the history of music to the history of fashion, Madonna's style had influenced fashion designers to make unforgettable collaborations: Jean Paul Gautier, Givenchy, Jeremy Scott, Donatella Versace and Riccardo Tisci to name a few. We can hardly forget the punk wedding dress of " Like a Virgin " or the dress inspired by Maria Antonietta for the 1990 MTV Awards. Browse the gallery to retrace her best looks that have marked the history of music and fashion.


Text Donatella Versace
Cover Photo Ricardo Gomes
Style Eyob Yohannes
Hair Andijs Lekompte

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