Penhaligon's Fragrances Inspired by the English Aristocracy

Penhaligon's is an unmatched British perfumery legend that has been evoking emotions and memories since 1870 with spectacular aromas.
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During the reign of Queen Victoria, William Penhaligon was appointed as a badger and perfumer at the Royal Palace, and, in 1903, Penhaligon's was given the royal privilege of supplying his produce to the monarchs.


Now, Penhaligon's stuns with its unique Portraits collection perfumes. The line features vivid animal heads, bottles, elegant boxes, and a story linking all the characters in the collection, reminiscent of subtle 19th-century British detective novels: an English aristocratic mansion, where all family and friends gather at one table hiding intriguing secrets ...


Human weaknesses are conveyed wisely and aptly by the characters. The delightfully gourmet fragrances of the Portraits collection and its characters have become particularly sought after around the world.

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Penhaligon's Portraits fragrance collection

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