Plastic Surgeon on Lip Filling Myths

Aesthetic medicine occupies an extremely wide and important place in the modern beauty world. Injections of botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid fillers are the most popular treatments. It is difficult to calculate which aesthetic corrections using hyaluronic acid fillers are statistically most common, but the top five definitely include lip volume and shape correction. These aesthetic treatments are performed so often that many frightening myths have become established in society. We talked to Perfectus Clinica plastic surgeon Dr. Jonas Dracutis to clear things out.
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Jon, what beliefs do you hear the most about lip corrections?

Many people have the misconception that injections of hyaluronic acid into the lips create an unnatural appearance of the lips and become artificially inflated and obvious to those around them, but the truth is quite different. Lips can be adjusted very subtly and imperceptibly. In this case, the woman looks simply with fuller, symmetrical and moistured lips. The result of lip correction really depends on many factors.


And they are?

First of all, each specialist performing the procedure has her own drawing. Thus, the result is undoubtedly influenced by the specialist chosen. If the specialist has little experience, the person is unlikely to be 100 percent. satisfied. In addition, as I mentioned, even experienced specialists have different injection techniques, so the results after the procedure are different. Sometimes one gets the impression that there are many specialists in Lithuania. There are many ads on social networks or online portals calling for lip correction, but it is important to know that in Lithuania these procedures can only be performed by doctors, and there are not really as many advertisers doing these corrections. Neither nurses nor cosmetologists with medical education are allowed to do so.


The result of lip correction also depends on the hyaluronic acid preparation used. It is very important to choose only high quality, certified and tested preparations. I do not recommend experimenting and tempting cheap products and allowing them into your body. A quality hyaluronic acid product comes at a price because the company that made it invests heavily in medical research to prove the product's safety. Poor fillers can cause inflammatory processes and cause irreparable damage.


The outcome very often depends on the patient himself. There are cases where girls who have recently adjusted their lips are coming back to the specialist soon because they want more volume. Sometimes this occurs just a couple of months after the initial injection, so I always recommend that you wait until the fillings have been broken down and are no longer in the body before making any corrections. If the lip injections are given every few months, the day will come when they will look unnatural. Of course, it is sometimes the case that an inexperienced practitioner performs the procedure with insufficient quality and later, when trying to correct the mistakes made, increases the volume of the lips so that others immediately notice, but here it is the fault of the specialist and not the patient.


Well, and finally, the result of lip correction depends a lot on the lips themselves. If a girl by nature has asymmetrical lips, it may be more difficult to adjust. Sometimes lip asymmetry persists even after injection. That is why I recommend choosing a reliable and highly experienced specialist. Of course, occasionally even a very experienced specialist may have to release a person with temporarily asymmetrical lips after the procedure. This can happen if your lips start to bleed heavily during your stabbing. It is then difficult to see whether one side of the lip was enlarged due to the injection of hyaluronic acid fillers or due to the small amount of blood accumulated. In such cases, it is important to stop in time and not try to correct the resulting asymmetry. I recommend extending the procedure no sooner than two weeks, when the swelling of the lips subsides and the actual result becomes visible. If the lips are uneven after the procedure, this does not mean that the procedure was of poor quality, but it is possible that the procedure was complicated and resulted in more bleeding than usual.

What to do in this case?

As I mentioned, it is important to remember that only doctors in a licensed facility can make hyaluronic acid injections because they also can handle possible complications after aesthetic injections. Every practitioner sometimes faces minor or major complications, but medical education provides the knowledge to eliminate them in a positive way. In the hands of an inexperienced specialist, the injection of hyaluronic acid can have very sad consequences.

Please tell more about consequences.

There may be major bruising from the puncture, or worse, even a hematoma (increased blood concentration at one site). Hyaluronic acid fillers can be blocked or pinched when injected into important blood vessels, or by injecting more fillers into the blood vessels. In this case, the blood supply to a certain area of the tissue is impaired, which can cause death. Medically speaking, tissue necrosis (tissue death) begins to develop. Such a complication can result in severely healing wounds or, in more severe cases, in the loss of tissue, requiring surgical removal.

Each complication is individual, so it is important to talk to a doctor or medical institution, not to engage in self-medication. It is also always necessary to adhere to post-injection recommendations, to avoid exercise, alcohol, hot drinks, baths, massages and any additional trauma, to try to be less lean and to gently freeze.


In summary, how do you choose a trusted specialist?

When choosing a specialist, it is necessary to find out what his / her experience is. It is important to understand that even a medical professional may not have specific experience, so be aware of the number of years that the specialist has performed the injection procedures.


Is it better to choose just senior professionals?

No, the age of the specialist is not decisive here. On the contrary, young professionals often have more experience than the older generation. Young professionals are often more interested in innovation, attending congresses, etc., so there is no need to be afraid of young professionals.

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