Rouge Allure Ink Fusion

The new long-lasting ultra matte liquid lip color by CHANEL
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In 2016, chanel reinvented matte with rouge allure ink, a matte liquid lip color unlike any other. An extremely comfortable, velvety soft ink with intense, luminous color. In perfect affinity with the lips, ROUGE ALLURE INK left its chic and elegant imprint and introduced a new way of wearing lipstick.

Today, CHANEL takes bold matte effects and color to new heights with ROUGE ALLURE INK FUSION, the first long-lasting ultra matte liquid lip color for an immediate impression and an indelible allure.

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Immediate impression, indelible allure 
Extreme comfort, ultimate depth, infallible hold… ROUGE ALLURE INK FUSION is a new-generation liquid lip color that immediately fuses with the lips to leave its imprint and make a bold impression. A second-skin coating with intense, ultra-matte color that stays intact all day long for a weightless sensation of comfort.

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A lip-fusing ink 
Its fluid texture, a savvy blend of polymers and gel, glides over the lips in a silky veil that is supple, smudge-proof and extremely fine. Enriched with soft oils, it immediately becomes one with the lips for a makeup-free sensation.

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Matte pushed to the extreme 
Some first impressions can be deceiving. The creamy texture is filled with imperceptible mattifying silica microbeads for a velvety effect on contact with the lips. The result: an ultra-matte makeup result that doesn’t compromise on softness or comfort.

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New color intensity 
Vibrant, intense and deep... Each shade reveals its full power on the lips with a high concentration of ultra-fine pigments. To preserve this radiance, the formula contains an antioxidant combination of Sappan wood and vitamin E. Soft, silky and protected, lips are infused with radiant, deep and intense color.

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Infallible hold 
Waterproof, the texture perfectly adapts to the natural movement of the lips to offer an incredibly even finish, extreme comfort and irreproachable hold for 8 hours*. The matte effect and color remain intact and express all their intensity, hour after hour. *Clinical evaluation on 31 women.

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A revamped classic 
ROUGE ALLURE INK gets a makeover to send a clear message about ROUGE ALLURE INK FUSION: a makeup result with singular elegance and unprecedented intensity. Its frosted glass tube is now topped with a matte black cap. Designed by CHANEL, its applicator also features a new shape and foam material. Curved, streamlined and sharper, it precisely embraces the lips, without weighing them down, for soft and comfortable application.


12 shades to make an unforgettable impression 
A sophisticated wardrobe, as wide as it is varied, that explores every expression of color, from the most natural to the most daring.


Available in the counters starting from October 1st

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