The new skincare for a beautiful skin

The goal is the same for all, a velvety, smooth and bright complexion. How to get there depends on the starting conditions of the skin, the environment and lifestyle, as well as the constancy in using the right product.
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Starting from the right supplements: Aime contains probiotic and other superfoods in vegetable capsules to keep the intestinal flora balanced: French Glow is ideal for those who focus on skin radiance, Pure Glow for impure skin, Urban Glow to combat stress and hormonal changes. Online on Aime.co.

For those who have not yet taken the good habit from the Orientals: applying the lotion, not to be confused with the tonic, is an essential step for the beauty of the skin: Micro Essence Skin Activating Treatment Lotion, Lauder, contains a micronutrient bioferment inspired by self-healing mechanisms of extremophilic organisms, those creatures able to resist all environmental adversities because they are able to repair their cellular damage with a mix of micronutrients and peptides. Used immediately after cleansing and before the serum, it makes the basic structure of the dermis stronger and more resistant.

Chanel reinvents Le Lift with alfalfa seed extract, a plant with an action comparable to that of retinol on the epidermis and dermis. The result? A smoothing and toning cream declined in three (fantastic) textures that stimulates the growth of keratinocytes and the synthesis of collagen. Does a busy day or an important evening require a super glow effect? Vitamin C Boost Sheet Mask, Pixi, is a concentrate of vitamin C, caffeine and hyaluronic acid to try absolutely: to always be available like the bestsellers tonics of the English brand with an irresistible light green pack (on pixibeauty.com).

Is the skin dull, the color not uniform, and from day to day new brown spots always materialize? White Lucent Illuminating Micro-Spot Serum, Shiseido, ensures more transparent and luminous skin starting from a week of use, thanks to a pool of ingredients that act on the two skin areas where melanin is concentrated, the one located in the epidermis in which the spots are formed and the one located on the stratum corneum which absorbs the light making the complexion dull. It is at night that the skin launches the process of self- repair, and it is at night that rich textures and cocooning unthinkable during the day can be adopted. It is suitable for more mature skin types Nutri-Lumière Nuit, Clarins: 17 organic plant extracts plus the brand's formidable signature anti-pollution complex to restore brightness, tone and firmness. Orchidée Imperiale Sleeping Serum, Guerlain, deeply regenerates the skin thanks to a highly assimilable delivery system that repairs damage from oxygen deficiency and is particularly effective in minimizing wrinkles.

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