Wellness 101: Where to Start with Aromatherapy

An introductory guide to the best-in-class products for aromatherapy.
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Photograph by Andrew Day

Healthy living extends beyond the realms of nutrition and fitness. Achieving your best self includes creating a high-vibration environment to lift the body, spirit, and the mind. Aromatherapy does this by blending essential oils, from plants, and diffusing them into aromatic scents that can help reduce stress, energize the mind, improve sleep, and even speed up healing throughout the body. High vibes only.

Byredo Altar Candle

Lighting a scented candle is one of the simplest ways to start applying aromatherapy in your daily routine. Place one on the bedside table, on the coffee table, or in the bathroom for a candle-lit bath. The Byredo Altar works magic when it comes to therapeutic scented candles. It opens to an aroma of clove buds: warm, woody, and spicy. The scent might come off strong at first, but at the heart of Altar are more romantic olfactory notes of carnation and ylang.

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Vitruvi Black Stone Diffuser

For a sleek, smokeless experience, diffusers are the way to go. Just add a few drops of your favorite essential oil mixed with water, and the diffuser will break down the oil and turn it into steam. The Vitruvi diffuser comes in an elegant black or white porcelain and has a light option to create the perfect ambiance. Use Enfleurage’s Earth blend essential oil to ground yourself.

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Bodha Smokeless Organic Incense

Commonly used for religious rituals, incense sticks produce a soothing, woodsy fragrance when burned. Made in the traditional Japanese method, The Bodha Ritual Incense blends essential oils with organic wood that smolders for 30 minutes in a session without creating smoke. Whether you’re meditating or trying to relieve stress, one incense stick will do the job.

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Aesop Olous Aromatique Room Spray

In a situation where no flames are allowed (e.g., the office), a room spray will suffice—especially Aesop’s Olous Aromatique Room Spray. Australian brand Aesop blends fruity ingredients and a hint of cardamom for an aroma that’s both fresh and earthy. Two to three sprays in a room will last several hours, which makes the medium-sized bottle so worth it.

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Palo Santo

Palo Santo has been used in shamanic rituals and ceremonies throughout history. When lighted, these sacred wooden sticks create a safe energetic sphere and offer an elevating scent with their citrusy notes. Lighting one end of the stick with fire, wait for 30 seconds then gently blow out. Sway it around your sacred space at home and place in a fireproof vessel. Do you feel blessed yet?

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