"Yoga skin": this is the makeup trend of the time

For the next season - and beyond probably - the creamy products that give the "moisturized" effect to makeup should make room in your closet
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The makeup of the time has already gained name and has been establishing itself as an obvious trend. Baptized abroad as a "yoga skin" or "buttery skin", it is part of the trend that became a consensus: when the subject, "less is more" and "natural" is the keyword.

If everyone already knows, the new bet comes rightly affirming the concept. The makeup with "post-yoga effect" was so called by the healthy, hydrated and shiny appearance, almost wet, similar to the "post-lesson" of sweat and health of the sport.

A creamy make up comes at a time when everyone understands the importance of valuing and adding to beauty, rather than masking it with heavy products.

The intention is that, increasingly, the thousand layers of dust and supercoverage leave the scene, giving place and space to the new look-desire that seeks natural brightness and luster.

Betting on gel products and creamy textures is the key of the moment.

Here are some examples and also inspire yourself with the beauty trend of the season:

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