5 Artistic Instagram Accounts That You Have To Follow

These are the 5 Instagram accounts that you must follow for your daily portion of art and design.
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Ignant is an online magazine that explains first-class art, design, photography, travel, and architecture. The carefully styled feed makes you long for journeys, museum trips, and interiors that are high on our wishlist.


Juxtapoz is a monthly magazine from America that shares art and culture in all forms with the wide world. Photography, fashion, film, music, and books are just a few of the topics discussed. Think primarily of underground, urban and street art.


Visual Fodder was founded by London art curator Dan Mauger and is one of the leading platforms of visual art. His Instagram account offers you a daily portion of surreal photography, design, and artwork that is intriguing, to say the least.


Art must be seen. That's what the makers of the Collecteurs platform thought. They see it as their duty to share with the general public all artwork that has never been shown before due to private ownership and archiving. The Collective Museum of Private Collections is, therefore, the first and largest online museum that makes private art digital and accessible. A noble goal.


Designboom was launched in 1999 and is, therefore, the first and most popular online magazine for architecture and cultural design. Scroll through the colorful Instagram feed and be surprised by the most surreal, contemporary art from every corner of the world.

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