8 Kim Kardashian looks like Victoria Beckham in the 90s

Emma Bunton invited Kim to join the Spice Girls that will celebrate 25 years in 2021.
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In an interview with "Heart FM", Emma launched an invitation for Kim to join the group and also said that she is sure that the rest of the group would not mind her joining, replacing Victoria Beckham, who has already sent word that she would not be returning more to perform alongside her former colleagues.

For more than a year, the Spice Girls have driven fans crazy by saying they would like to regroup and hit the road again after the success of their 2019 UK tour.

And if you think Kim doesn't have enough musical experience to join the group, know that the businesswoman already released a song called "Jam (Turn It Up)" in 2011, but the track failed on the charts and was brutally criticized. But when it comes to fashion, Kim is one of the top fashionistas of the moment. In celebration of the novelty, we decided to select some Kim looks that are the face of Victoria Beckham in the 90s, in her POSH Spice phase. Check it out!

Satin dress with lace

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Getty Images / instagram

Snake print

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Getty Images / instagram

Basic top

1612810750518699 1587143524248564 gettyimages 850517621612810750777643 captura de tela 2021 02 03 a s 13.46.00
Getty Images / instagram

Silver look

1612810751083342 captura de tela 2021 02 03 a s 14.18.471612810751414247 kimkardashiann
Getty Images / instagram

Total leather look

1612810751631751 1562256331054011 captura de tela 2019 07 04 a s 12.52.511612810751844957 141414173 234984898223109 5913307972190044346 n
Getty Images / instagram

Blazer with lingerie on display

1612810752084936 captura de tela 2021 02 03 a s 13.22.241612810752360698 efefef
Getty Images / instagram

Purple is the hottest color

1612810752578970 1562256344520459 captura de tela 2019 07 04 a s 12.51.551612810752856689 sdfdsfdfd
Photo: reproduction / instagram

Printed short dress

1612810753074648 1587143594378927 gettyimages 770351661612810753402417 captura de tela 2021 02 03 a s 13.59.49
Photo: reproduction / instagram

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