A Movie Based On George Orwell's Animal Farm is Coming to Netflix

Andy Serkis will direct and produce the streaming service adaption of the literary classic.
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Photo courtesy of Halas and Batchelor

Netflix has acquired the film rights to George Orwell’s legendary novel, Animal Farm. The feature is set to be directed and produced by Andy Serkis on behalf of the Imaginarium, which holds ownership of Orwell’s estate.

The premise of the novella, which was released in 1945, was inspired by the Russian Revolution of 1917. Key players in the historical event like Joseph Stalin, Leon Trotsky, political economist Karl Marx and Russian revolutionary leader Vladimir Ilyich Lenin are characterized by a menagerie of farm animals: pigs, dogs, goats, and horses, and more included.  

And in case you didn’t pay attention to the plot during your middle school English Lit class, here’s a little refresher:

The group collectively decided to rebel against their farm owner, Mr. Jones (based on Tsar Nicholas II of Russia) in order to gain their independence. The story takes a turn for the worst when hierarchies emerge, new laws known as “commandments” arise, and the definition of equality is forever distorted. Don’t you just love it when art imitates life?

Cavendish hopes to bring Animal Farm to laptop screens in a “thoroughly contemporary fashion,” he hopes “will highlight the staggering relevance today of the satirical and dramatic power of Orwell’s reimagined classic.”

Will it have the same book-to-streaming-service effect as The Handmaid's Tale? Only time will tell. This is a huge score for the streaming giant, considering sales of the novel have spiked in recent years, and given the state of today’s political climate, it will be interesting to draw parallels to a certain orange-hued U.S. Republican. Let the brainstorming begin. 

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