Beyoncé Declares Her Love for Africa in a New Music Video

The live-action adaptation of the Lion King has finally reached the theaters. For the occasion, Beyoncé, who is the voice of the lioness Nala in the film, unveils the clip for Spirit, a soundtrack extracted from the film. She declares her love for Africa with sublime sets and outfits in breathtaking shots.
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Beautiful landscapes, ultra-elaborate looks, traditional African hairstyles and make-up ... In the Spirit music video, extracted from the soundtrack of the live-action adaptation of the Lion KingBeyoncé declares her love to Africa. Included in her album The Lion King: The Gift, inspired by the film, the music video highlights the beauty and culture of the continent of Africa, both visually and musically. Alongside scenes from the film where we see Simba, Nala or Mufasa, the clip also features Blue Ivy, the daughter of the singer, who makes a remarkable appearance with a charisma as strong as her mothers. "The soundtrack is a love letter to Africa, and I wanted to make sure that we found the best talent from Africa and not just, you know, use some of the sounds and make an interpretation of it." said Queen B in an interview with ABC on a special show dedicated to the film's release. "I wanted it to be authentic and put forward what is beautiful in African music ... With a lot of drums, songs, all these incredible new sounds mixed with some American producers, we kind of created our own kind." And the result is simply beautiful.


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