Cave In Time

Exhibition ‘Cave In Time’ by Sabine Mezkaze & Baiba Dzenite took place in Atelier d’arte ARTI3160 San Marco 3160 Salizada Malipiero, Venice, and was a part of international festival The Venice Glass Week 2019.
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EXHIBITION. ’Cave In Time’ is a poetically frozen moment. Here three mythical yet constant elements surround a viewer: Mother Creation, Eternity and their child Experience. Each serves a purpose in the process of self-realisation as we enter the realm of self-reflection called ‘life’. Through seeming stereotype of vanity and trivia expressed in boldly lustering glass objects presented, the combination of reflective surfaces, ascetic shapes and surrounding atmosphere of still calmness is pointing our wandering focus towards the depths of our existence.


TECHNIQUE. Geometrically interlocking forms have been arranged to fully display meditative beauty of glass, creating visually pulsating objects using highly polished surfaces and masterful light-play. Artworks and furniture pieces by Sabine Mezkaze & Baiba Dzenite are a combination of modern and traditional technology of freely mouth-blown glass played-out in experimental manner, creating yet unseen objects for decorative as well as practical purposes.

1569227184936305 caveintime collectionexperiencemirror 11569227185098894 caveintime collectionexperiencemirror 2
1569227185107124 caveintime collectionexperiencemirror 3
‘EXPERIENCE’ mirror object | mouth-blown glass, tinted mirror | 2019

ART WITH FUNCTION. Glass Art Objects are classified as ‘art with function’ as collection is featuring small to large flower vases on marble bases or on polished cuts that can be angled to user’s convenience, and mirror art objects of various sizes. The initial idea of artist Sabine Mezkaze creating a make-up mirror for a vanity table for her furniture line has been carried on into more artistic way deepening the philosophical presence reflected in the collection : understanding of ones - self, accepting our features, gifts and flaws. Mirror objects are central - pieces for a personal altar space, for inverted vision and clarity of thought.

1569227242682627 caveintime collectioneternitylargemirror mothereternity 1569227242855245 caveintime collectioneternity small vases.
1569227243142608 caveintime collectioneternity small vases 2
Glass Art Objects from collection ‘Eternity': ‘MOTHER ETERNITY’ large mirror in blue, ‘EMOTION’ small vase on Black Moon marble in multi-coloured mouth-blown glass, ‘GLOBE’ & ‘ARCTICA’ set of 2. All pieces were unique and were sold during the Venice Glass Week.

REVIEWS. Collection was widely recognised as a unique an unseen precedent in the traditional scenery of Venetian Glass art scene. Many of only 13 works exhibited during The Venice Glass Week 2019 are already in private collections in Netherlands, Belgium, Russia and others.

1569227325700521 mothercreation artobject1569227325890282 mothercreation artobject exhibition caveintime
1569227325950077 mothercreation detail
Center piece of collection ‘Mother Creation' is a large glass art object in black lava, ice-like glass. | ‘MOTHER CREATION’ art object in mouth-blown glass, tinted glass, tinted mirror, authors’ technique | 2019
1569227351959656 lotuscoffeetable caveintime1569227352129695 lotuscoffeetable caveintime 1
‘LOTUS’ coffee table consists of 3 interlocking oak wood slabs, holding a ‘lotus’ of fog white mouth-blown glass bowl in a round opening in the table top. Glass element can be angled or removed. Can be used as a bowl for fruits or vase for an ikebana composition.
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Artists Sabine Mezkaze x Baiba Dzenite | The Venice Glass Week 2019

Glass design : Sabine Mezkaze x Baiba Dzenite

Furniture design : Sabine Mezkaze (EXPERIMENTAL)

Glass technique: BAIBAGLASS

Scenography : Studio EXPERIMENTAL

1569227732068915 caveintime collectionexperience smallvase1569227700644343 emotion smallvase caveintime
1569227663048476 caveintime collectionexperience smallvase 21569227680664544 caveintime experience 4
1569227688620633 collectionexperience

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