Exhibition: AES + F Mare Meditarraneum

"The Mediterranean Sea is the cradle of ancient civilizations: from coast to coast, its heart has" pumped - like blood - "people, cultures and religions."
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On the occasion of Manifesta 2018, Teatro Massimo di Palermo hosts Aes + F Mare Mediterraneum, an exhibition promoted by the Multimedia Art Museum of Moscow. The Mediterranean Sea is an epicenter of contradictions; point of arrival for the Phoenicians and Carthaginians in ancient times. Today is a symbol of salvation for migrants and refugees. The recent waves of migration have put Europe in the face of a crucial dilemma: accepting refugees - allowing them to come at the expense of the material and psychological comfort of their guests - or rejecting them. Addressing the issue is not easy, this exhibition tries to do it in a countercurrent way, through porcelain figurines. An artistic image far more radical than reality itself.

What: exhibition AES + F Mare Mediterraneum
Where: Palermo - Teatro Massimo
When: from 18 June to 19 September 2018



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