Harry Styles new clip "Watermelon Sugar High" is here

You know, those simple pleasures that became illegal during the global health crisis.
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Watermelon Sugar High is not just a sound illustration of the title appearing on the ex-One Direction member's Fine Line album. No, Watermelon Sugar High is a true "touch" statement - and more precisely, as Styles shyly implies in an interview with Zane Lowe, an ode to oral sex.

The decor is planted at the water's edge, presumably under the California sun given the very seventies dressing room unearthed by singer stylist Harry Lambert, and the hippie atmosphere embalming the three-minute and nine-second clip. Barefoot in the sand, Harry Styles sits down to eat breakfast - in view of the croissant, the coffee cup and the butter dish. Vintage blue glasses on the nose, the singer caresses and plays with a slice of juicy watermelon, shining in the sun. A few seconds later, the camera lands on incredible creatures enjoying the sound of watermelon waves between their legs. This is followed by a tight-packed picnic on the beach, a sensual, humid painting in which Styles takes center stage. In short, the kind of Wet Hot Summer that we all dream of, but which may well pass under our noses if the government continues to hammer us with its notion of "active beach" ...

We do not make you languish more, discover the latest clip from Harry Styles, Watermelon Sugar High here:

Harry Styles - Watermelon Sugar (Official Video)

Photograph by: Pham @anthonypham
Styling by: @harry_lambert
Assistant stylist: Kayla Marquez @keylakeylakeyla
Creative Director: Molly Hawkins @mollyjane_x
Video by Bradley and Pablo @bradleyandpablo

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