Kim Kardashian is being sued for posting a photo of herself on Instagram

New day brings new controversy with the Kardashian clan!
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But this time the problem will be solved directly in court, because Kim is being sued for having posted on her Instagram a photo of her husband, Kanye West. The image was taken by American paparazzi Saeed Bolden, at a launch party for a Nasir album by rapper Nas' in 2018. According to The Blast photographer claims that Kim Kardashian acted "willingly and intentionally, in disregard of the copyright of the image".


Bolden's legal representatives claim that Kim and Kanye being present in the photo does not give them the right to it. In some of the US states, the photographer has the right to image only, mainly because they are two celebrities in a public place, where they knew they were being photographed. Kardashian has yet to comment on this case.


It is worth mentioning that in 2018 Kim's sister Khloe went through a similar situation. In her case, the reason was a photo taken of her and Kourtney when they were leaving a restaurant.

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