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Without lines and without schedules. We virtually access museum collections such as the Hermitage, the Uffizi Gallery or the Louvre museum.
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Calmly observing La Gioconda's intriguing smile, which hangs on a wall specially erected for her in the Salle des États dedicated to Italian painting in the Louvre Museum, is priceless. And if you can do it at the time you prefer and from the comfort of your chaise longue, much better.

The virtual visits that several international museums have allow us to delve into the leisurely contemplation of works of art. Some even offer visits through their social networks, as is the case with the Instagram direct made by the Prado museum. In addition, they are accompanied by explanations from expert guides, which greatly helps to understand the piece from a much more complete point of view.



We would be lying if we said that we are not going to see the Mona Lisa or Gioconda . Once your turn comes, after endless lines, you barely have a second to blink and appreciate the sfumato that da Vinci dominated. But in this old Parisian royal palace there is much more: impressionism, fine arts, archeology and decorative arts. The Louvre museum website offers three virtual tours -Egyptian Antiquities, Remains of the Louvre moat and Apollo Gallery - to discover its secrets alone.



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In 2019, this art gallery celebrated its 200th anniversary. His collection is one of the most complete and impressive: 16,028 works. Uniquely rich in paintings by European masters from the 16th to 19th centuries, according to art historian and Hispanist Jonathan Brown: "Few would dare to doubt that it is the world's most important museum of European painting."

Its website has a section called Collection where each painting and each work of art in the museum is broken down. In addition to having all the information on each work perfectly cataloged (description, context, authorship ...) you can see each brushstroke in detail thanks to a very powerful zoom.

The #PradoContigo initiative is an online action program of the Museo Nacional del Prado through social networks and its website to guarantee access to knowledge about his works and artists during the time that it must be closed. They also share games for children and various educational resources.






Located in Florence, it contains the collection of works of art acquired by the Medici family until the 18th century. In it you can see The Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli, The Annunciation by Leonardo da Vinci or Venus by Urbino by Titian. Since it has one of the oldest art collections in the world, it is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Florence. In 2015 it received almost two million visits, making it the most frequented art gallery in Italy.

The museum's website offers a virtual tour from which to visit each of the rooms and observe the pieces found in them.





United Kingdom

This London museum has more than eight million pieces on history, archeology, ethnography and art. Not surprisingly, it was the first national museum in the world created in 1753. They collaborated with Google to view their collection through Google Street View, where you can visit the corridors of the museum thanks to 360º images as well as Maps. And also through Google Arts and Culture you can access exhibitions and stories online and a project that recreates the Mayan world: "A trip to the past through ancient art and digital technology."






The most relevant museum in the country accumulates more than three million pieces. It is one of the most complete in the world in terms of antiquities, especially from the Greek and Roman cultures. It was made up of the old Russian tsars as a private collection and was opened to the public after the 1917 Revolution, when it was declared a State Museum.

Through its website you can enjoy the museum in its entirety thanks to 360º images through which you can stroll through its corridors with tranquility and from home.



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