Oscar Day: Professionals of the red carpets for you to follow

January and February mark the season of the greatest artistic awards and today the Oscar comes to crown the period of the red carpets that inspire and influence so many people when it comes to beauty. We show you a list of professionals connected to it to put on the radar.
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Today is Oscar Day, which crowns the season of art awards and their long-awaited and influential red rugs.

Fans of the international cinema art turn their looks and attention entirely to the expected party and in general, also to their important red carpet. There are those who say that among all of them it is the most important for fashion business, as well as for the universe of beauty in general, since it is the award with the largest number of spectators around the world.

Fact is that all these awards have a key role to promote, above all, the inspiration for fashion and beauty and it was thinking that we have prepared a list of professionals linked specifically to the latter that you can follow on Instagram in order to closely follow tips and trends directly "tested" on the biggest celebrities in the world.

Get inspired with beauty productions experts for your next festive occasions:

Harry Josh

With his trademark broad-and-loose curls that have become famous in Gisele , he is also the one chosen by Irina Shayk, Talor Hill, Kaia Gerber and Cindy Crawford .

The expert took advantage of his success and created the brand namesake with thousands of tools for hair production.

Chad Wood

The Californian is a reference in editorial productions and has the full agenda on Oscar day since he is the chosen one of Vanessa Hudgens s and Kate Walsh .

Frederic Aspiras

Responsible for one of the most awaited productions of all red carpet: that of Lady Gaga .

Expert in unusual hairstyles and colors, he is the faithful companion the star has chosen to call his own.

For those who like more different looks and cool, it is worth keeping it on the radar.

The one chosen by Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez is a reference in productions-glamor!

For the holidays, in the two stars he bets on bulky hair and look "very well taken care of". In addition, horsetails are also JLO brand and comes from its creation.

He is also responsible for the maintenance of cut and coloring of Kim and has been doing very well, after all the star changes the color of his locks frequently.

Jen Atkin

She is currently considered one of the most influential hairstylists in the world and gained notoriety for being the chosen one of the Kardashian-Jenner clan.

Its trademark is the minimal and yet glamorous hairstyles.

He started his career in the hollywood universe and currently has 2.8 million followers in his Instagram account, as well as his own brand of beauty, the Ouai, which is the most successful.

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