Why these great designers will not participate in the Met Gala 2019

Find out here the reason for not attending the event
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One of the most anticipated events of the year is coming! The Met Gala will be held on May 6 and, of course, the expectation is increasing, but ... This year some brands like Ralph Lauren, Dior and Calvin Klein chose not to participate in the party, which for 71 years enchants people from all over the world.

The reason? The value of the tables for 10 guests - which are costing $ 200,000 or $ 300,000 and some brands are preferring not to invest in this type of event. The three brands that have already announced that they will not attend the event are great supporters of the Met Gala, having appeared in the party in several editions.


But not all representatives of the world of high fashion will leave the ball! Gucci, for example, is the official sponsor of this year's exhibition at the Met. Louis Vuitton and Burberry will also be there, buying whole tables.

In addition, some brands fail to mark this event one year here, another there. But next year, you never know, everything can change!


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