This Week's Most Exciting Musical Releases

Welcome back to edition eight of L'Officiel USA's weekly sift through music's newest releases. Ahead, you'll find the perfect tune for every occasion.
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'imagine' - Ariana Grande

Subject Matter: Before you start to guess who Ariana wrote this song for, let me save you the trouble. According to the songstress, 'imagine' is about a concept of love that is and will always be unattainable.

Feels: Thank you, queen, for blessing us with such easy listening on a chaotic week! 

Appropriate Setting: Bath time! Well, not yet, but go ahead and daydream about the warm, bubbly tub that you'll be treating yourself with when you get home today.

'Toney Tone' - A$AP Rocky

Subject Matter: This song's about not giving a flying fart about what anyone thinks in a time/world where, perhaps, the feeling of being forced to care is getting a little too much. 

Feels: Bad with song names? Don't worry, A$AP Rocky's underlying tune will be stuck in your head long after 

Appropriate Setting: This song's a little slow for a run but 'Tony Tone' would be perfect for those squats you've been meaning to do ever since you watched the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

'Reunion' - Busted

Subject Matter: This song's as much of a reunion for Busted fans than it is for the band's members. "I wanna hear about the last ten years. So much has happened since you disappeared"—Oh boy, where do I even start...

Feels: What better way to describe this song than to say that 'Reunion' feels exactly the way that Busted has always made us feel. They don't make that pop-punk sound like this anymore, people!

Appropriate Setting: If you're lucky enough to have your 10-year high school or college reunion coming up - and if you're unlucky enough to have to organize the whole thing - we highly recommend that you add this to your playlist. 

Okay, tell me more: Busted's latest album, Half Way There, is set to come out on February 8, 2019. If you're in the UK, the boys might be coming to an arena near you starting March.

"Missing you crazy"-Russ

Subject Matter: Yes, we know that Russ dropped this song a couple of months ago but its music video, released on Wednesday, is as good as we hoped it would be. Think flying cars and dramatic cityscapes.

Feels: Russ' gifted beat-making is in full force for 'Missin You Crazy.' This  Jersey boy knows how to produce, mix, master and engineer beats to enhance any hook.

Appropriate Setting: Take a cue from Russ and blast this song while driving home tonight. Whether you live in the city, a town or neither, 'Missin You Crazy' is the perfect song for cruising.

'Hope' - The Chainsmokers ft. Winona Oak

Subject Matter: This song's about that age-old dilemma. Do I want you? Or do I just want you because I can't have you? Ah, l'amour is a fickle thing...

Feels: Slightly more dramatic than their previous tunes, 'Hope' is no less a hit. The light Chainsmokers-y chorus is interspersed with bouts of nothing but Winona Oak's mystical voice and we're loving it. 

Appropriate Setting: Done with your Victoria's Secret squats? Straddle that bike and let's get cycling. 'Hope' has that slow-fast tempo mix that is sure to keep any cycle routine interesting. 

'101 PM' - Lil Simz

Subject Matter: This lyrical queen has the gift of being able to tell a story with every song. In '101 FM,' Simbi (A.K.A. Simbiatu Abisola Abiola Ajikawo, Bars Simzson) paints us a picture of her childhood in North London - the good, the bad and the ordinary.

Feels: At a mere 24 years old, Simbi has created her own brand of hip-hop by mixing honest lyrics and sick beats at varying tempos. Experimental and yet so, so satisfying to the ears, this artist's  has been critically acclaimed by fellow hip-hop pioneers Jay Z, Dizzee Rascal and Kendrick Lamar.

Appropriate Setting: Gift-giving season is coming up, so why not save some dough and cook at home tonight. Heck, invite a couple of friends and make a party out of it. '101 FM' promises to be a sweet tune for the dinner prep.

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