Victoria Beckham Has Started to Smile Again

The stylist is famous for always looking serious.
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Victoria Beckham is one of the celebrities who rarely smile in photos, something that even she herself has recognised and talked about in interviews. However, her son Cruz has shared a rare photo of her smiling on his Instagram. Her husband, David Beckham, made a hilarious comment of her bright, white smile.



"Apparently, my mom smiles 😃❤️," wrote Cruz in his post.

"How white are @victoriabeckham's teeth? It looks like Ross, from the Friends series 😂," commented David. David was referring to this scene from the series:


Victoria has spoken about her reluctance to smile in photographs during interviews. She is just starting to feel more comfortable smiling publicly and letting her guard down a bit. "I want to be honest. In the past, I hid behind my armor - my decision not to smile publicly, for example. Now I'm changing that."


"There is something really liberating about embracing who I am at 45 and feeling confident and happy," she continued. "Launching a beauty line really helped me with that - it was very liberating. I want to spread the word that everyone must feel the best version of themselves. I want to tell people to be who you are. Yes, we all have wrinkles, and that's fine!”


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