Editorial: NYC Shore

Edgy yet chic - this is the Lower West Side that Jp Desmedt shows in his Editorial for L'Officiel, photographed on the Hudson River Shoreline.
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Image 1: Suit: American Vintage; Shirt: Formula Joven Eci; Accessories: Utipia; Shoes: Zendra; Image 2: Jacket: American Vintage; Shorts: Sita Murt; Accessories: Lorena Panea; Shoes: Zendra
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Image 1: Total Look: Maite by Lolacasademunt; Accessories: Utipia; Image 2: Shirt: Andres Pajón; Top: Lorena Panea; Accessories: Utipia
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Image 1: Top: Ana Locking; Pants: Ze Garcia; Accessories: Lorena Panea; Image 2: Suit: Formula Joven Eci; Belt: Maite by Lolacasademunt; Accessories: Utopia; Shoes: Lola&Lo


Photographer: Jp Desmedt

Fashion Agency: Marc Juan Comunicación

Stylist: Gisell Garcia 

Make-Up: Kate Kats

Hair: Alex Osorio

Model: Anna K Miller @ Wilhermina NY

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