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Fashion Never Stops: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tbilisi

With current circumstances every industry is shook and uncertain about the future. Still, fashion never stops: whilst all the shows are frozen and the fundamental principles are rearranged, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tbilisi is still proving to be a crucial platform for supporting young and established Georgian designers. The next season of MBFWT will take place in an unprecedented new location in Tbilisi - the Art and Culture Center that will open in the ex-Coca-Cola factory building.
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Industrial locations proved to be hospitable for artists and craftsmen for many years, welcoming cultural events and exhibitions. Which is why 27 000 square meters of the former factory are being repurposed and aimed to become a huge hub, connecting various types of arts, fashion and crafts, ready to host artists from all over the world, giving opportunities for photographers and aspiring designers to hold workshops or represent their work publicly in galleries. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tbilisi team is certain that such space has so much more to offer, which is why the Art and Culture Center will become the new home of the event held twice a year.


Originally scheduled to the beginning of a new Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tbilisi season in early May, the launch of the Art and Culture Center was postponed due to current circumstances, but by no means cancelled. When the restrictions are lifted all around the world, creative industry professionals will be faced with a strong need for change – and the cultural hub in Tbilisi could become a melting pot for ideas. Focusing on artists and encouraging them to share their work with the world is vital in the times of big reassessments. Sofia Tchkonia, founder and creative director of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tbilisi as well as the main driving force of the Art and Culture Center, found a way to maintain a favorable environment for creative minds to network, reconnect with colleagues and share their vision. With this approach, Tbilisi is destined to strengthen its position as one of the main local fashion weeks and cultural hubs and is on the way to become one of the world’s major fashion spots. 


As a main fashion event in Georgia, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tbilisi successfully puts a spotlight on aspiring local designers. Inviting media and buyers from all around the world, it has been able to launch a number of brands that are now well-known, loved and represented in world’s leading retail chains and concept stores. Lado Bokuchava vibrant colors and strict silhouettes or Tatuna timeless minimalism, Situationist avant-garde power dressing or voluminous George Keburia lines - Georgian designers remain true to their unique and recognizable identity. Even though their FW20 shows have been postponed, their new collections are ready and prove to be just as inspirational, as always, making the upcoming fashion week season worth the wait.

Alexandre Akhalkatsishvili

Alexandre Akhalkatsishvili is never afraid to work with leather-like textures, proving them to be a legitimate part of an elegant wardrobe. With tailored silhouettes and natural fabriques, his pieces are designed to be one’s top style pick for many years.

1589885056694198 aleksandre akhalkatsishvili fw20 031589885060972583 aleksandre akhalkatsishvili fw20 59
1589885068471166 aleksandre akhalkatsishvili fw20 571589885064621668 aleksandre akhalkatsishvili fw20 46
1589885072920424 aleksandre akhalkatsishvili fw20 65


ANOUKI is a Tbilisi-based brand, which was the first one in Georgia to be selected for Vogue Italia x Yoox The Next Talents contest. It is widely known for its classic silhouettes combined with unusual textures and hyperbolized details.

1589885219700154 anouki fw2020 051589885222375927 anouki fw2020 06
1589885225965096 anouki fw2020 091589885233104192 anouki fw2020 27
1589885230691959 anouki fw2020 26

George Keburia

George Keburia is said to become the next Demna Gvasalia. With his preppy-meet-rave cuts and signature rectangular sunglasses he had already made it to all the major stockists and celebrity wardrobes.

1589885444667820 george keburia fw20 000021589885449269362 george keburia fw20 00043
1589885452729067 george keburia fw20 000701589885494748905 george keburia fw20 00053
1589885497547283 george keburia fw20 00024


Ingorokva is defined by its sharp silhouettes and redefined understanding of femininity. For Tamuna Ingorokva, modern woman is graceful yet powerful, and this vision is expressed in her sophisticated designs. She expanded her label to include menswear during the last edition of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tbilisi, she is also one of the leaders bringing sustainability to the forefront of Georgian design. Each piece is handcrafted and in order to avoid overproduction and waste, each garment from the brand’s clothing lines is made in limited quantities.

1589885675142017 ingorokva fw20 000021589885678094416 ingorokva fw20 00009
1589885681096985 ingorokva fw20 000121589885684328024 ingorokva fw20 00020
1589885687133257 ingorokva fw20 00018


LADO BOKUCHAVA is a Georgian brand founded in 2017 by young Georgian designer Lado Bokuchava. He graduated from Tbilisi State Academy of art and since then has been working as a head designer for famous Georgian brands like Atelier Kikala and MATÉRIEL. Brand’s signature is 80’s underground style mixed with contemporary world. The sources of inspiration for designer are always different movies or books that are expressed in the mood of collection.

1589885869598884 lado bokuchava fw20 11589885872660276 lado bokuchava fw20 11
1589885876145367 lado bokuchava fw20 171589885884447337 lado bokuchava fw20 35
1589885880663729 lado bokuchava fw20 31


MATERIEL is a contemporary brand that brings together various designers who are willing to represent Georgian fashion heritage. With their very own take on classic, resident designers bring minimalism with a twist both to the runways and streets, making MATERIEL one of the most successful Georgian brands.

1589886040149314 materiel fw20 000021589886048188518 materiel fw20 00014
1589886957722470 materiel fw20 000081589886960536709 materiel fw20 00019
1589886974902763 materiel fw20 00026


Irakli Rusadze of SITUATIONIST is a self-taught Tbilisi-based designer. Starting his journey in fashion at a tender age of 15, he made it to his first fashion week by 21. Rusadze fearlessly combines Georgian cultural heritage with avant garde designs, creating his very own forward-thinking vision.

1589887137095777 situationist fw 2020 lb 011589887139513302 situationist fw 2020 lb 02
1589887147869796 situationist fw 2020 lb 0481589887151674922 situationist fw 2020 lb 019
1589887154265213 situationist fw 2020 lb 022


TATUNA is a Georgian brand, well recognized for its extraordinary asymmetric cuts and luxurious high-class materials. For several seasons it is represented in Paris, Milan and Tokyo during fashion weeks.

1589887280332166 tatuna fw2020 41589887284458906 tatuna fw2020 9
1589887295109422 tatuna fw2020 101589887291641659 tatuna fw2020 11
1589887288838543 tatuna fw2020 14

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