If You Go Down to the Beach Today…

Whimsical and reminiscent... If You Go Down To The Beach Today is a conceptual fashion story that personifies childhood memories to encapsulate one of the endearing aspects of being a child going to the beach.
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More recently, as all our worlds have become smaller, the opportunity to delve into our traditional British seaside roots has presented itself to us as a welcome alternative to the once all-to-easy holiday escapes, by plane and over-seas, to follow to sun. The great British seaside is a place that fills our every human fibre with nostalgic, enduring memories of childhood escape...Care free, nostalgic, happy and free.


The images have a dream-like quality that make use of surrealism to blend both memory and fantasy. Traditional elements we associate with the beach: Red stripes, helter skelters, ice creams and beach balls, are deliberately distorted via size and perception, to create the illusions that form in our minds as our memories of reality fade, our imagination fires and our dreams take over. Within this story we acknowledge the childhood human state where things we thought were so big are, in fact, so much smaller in reality.


1638195564187913 image 11638195564273300 image 8
Face Covering, Ruffle Neck Piece & Catsuit – All Vintage
1638195600179218 image 21638195600169248 image 9
Swim Hat - @speedo Large; Puff Ball Dress - @sammybaxterphotographer & @zoe.deboer
1638195658106838 image 3
Swim Hat - @speedo; Neck Ruffle Piece - @a.wallfashion
1638195691692119 image 51638195691799507 image 4
Catsuit – Vintage; Swirl Coat - @a.wallfashion; Boots – Zara
1638195745896452 image 61638195745861608 image 7
Swim Hat - @speedo; Necklace – @topshop; Dress - @a.wallfashion
1638195776691934 image 10
Seagull Head – Vintage; Dress – Vintage; Tights - Vintage

Photographer & Director: @sammybaxterphotographer

Creative Direction & Stylist: @sammybaxterphotographer & @zoe.deboer

Model: @miss_swirl

Photographer's Assistant: @antelphoto


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