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Suit by Marc Jacobs Top by Paul Smith Bag by Marc Jacobs Jewelry – stylist own
1608747707830613 4o5a2937
Top and bottom by Paul Smith Tank top by CK Jewelry – stylist own
1608747783771833 4o5a3018
Pants by TopMan Jacket by Paul Smith Top by Versace Bag by Marc Jacobs
1608747867689347 4o5a3038b
Glasses by LV Belt by Prada Pants by Alexander McQueen Bag by Michael Kors
1608747949619419 4o5a3151
Hat - stylist own
1608748026082969 4o5a3205
Suit by MH Collection Hat and jewelry - stylist own
1608748044047927 4o5a32321608748117096162 4o5a3242
Full look Gucci

Photographer: Toni Smailagic / @ToniSmailagic

Stylist: Michael Stallings / @MikeStallingsNY

Model: Rafael w Umodels / @_roque22

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