Top of the City

Top of the City
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1620900139264939 look 1
Olive silky nightgown, Hanro. Golden necklaces whith pearls and rings, Sence. Golden chain bracelet whith diamonds, Isabella FA.
1620900153475296 look 2
Powder bra and briefs, Eres. Cashmere cardigan, Allude. Rose gold necklace whith diamond, Sudde. Love pedant and diamond earrings, Cada.
1620900234921021 look 3
Right, Offwhithe. Cashmere cardigan, Allude. Silk shorts, Gucci. Double loop earrings whith diamonds, Cada. Gold chain bracelet, Isabelle FA. Glasses, Boss.
1620900330729601 look 4
Satin blouse, Van Laak. White lace body, Eres. Stockings, Kunert. Double loop earrings whith diamonds and golden chain necklace, Cada.
1620900343175864 look 5
Beige wool sweater, Joop. Golden chain necklace, Isabella FA.
1620900390524900 look 6
Trench coat, Hugo. Powder bra and briefs, Eres. Diamond earrings, Nilmanel. Siver ring whith purple pearl and diamonds, Nilmanel. Golden chain bracelet, Isabella FA. Rose gold necklace whith diamond and love pedant, Cada.
1620900488797377 look 7
Beige satin bustier and pants, Alberta Feretti. Golden chain necklace whith diamonds, Isabella FA. Bag, Louis Vuitton.
1620900531997555 look 8
Dress, Marcel Ostertag. Golden bracelets, Isabella FA.

Photographer: Norbert Bäres (@norbert_baeres)

 Stylist: Sabine Diekow (@sadiestylesnow)


MUAH: Melanie Filbert (@melanie_sharmin)


Model:  Kim Hnizdo (@kimhnizdo)


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