Dior Maison's new pieces, inspired by Christian's Parisian apartments

Cordelia de Castellane has designed some new pieces for Maison Dior that are directly inspired by Christian Dior's apartment, located at 7, Boulevard Jules Sandeau in the 16th arrondissement of Paris. That brings a beautiful combination of elegant motifs such as clematis, peonies, dahlias and swallows that you want to incorporate into your own interior asap.
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For the Maison Dior collection, cematis, peonies, dahlias and swallows are encased in carafes and decorative spheres or processed in porcelain plates and hand-painted placemats in natural linen. Three candlesticks in matching shades complete the line that combines heritage and modernity. Like every collection, this one is also the result of a collaboration with another designer, architect or artist . This time the honor went to Cordelia de Castellane . Names like Jeremy Maxwell, Jérôme Faillant-Dumas, Lucie de la Falaise, Michael Cailloux and Giberto Arrivabene already preceded her.

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© Dior

"Without ado, without even consulting the architect, I gave my consent and devoted everything I had to furnishing my new home," Christian Dior described his love for his apartment at 7 Boulevard Jules Sandeau in the 16th arrondissement of Paris . Fascinated by this passion for the art of living, Cordelia de Castellane was inspired by this unique address - and in particular by the wallpaper decorated with flowers and birds - to decorate her latest collection for Maison Dior.

The line values the combination of heritage and modernity to reflect the lifestyle that Monsieur Dior cultivated: "Living in a house that doesn't look like yourself," as the couturier claimed, "is a bit like wearing clothes from another person."

Check out the exclusive extension of the fashion house:

1630501023814618 dior maison 7 jules sandeau 0121
© Dior
1630501024097657 dior maison 7 jules sandeau 01321630501024448147 dior maison 7 jules sandeau 0339
© Dior

The homage pieces


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