From Madonna to Lady Gaga: 10 celebs who met Queen Elizabeth II

Having the good fortune to meet the beloved Queen Elizabeth II is only for those who can

Queen Elizabeth II is a true icon! Friendly and elegant, she became beloved by people of England outside, and the biggest celebrities in the world were not immune to her charisma. Of course, your grandchildren might even call her "Grandma" but we bet for actors and singers who were lucky enough to be in her presence, Elizabeth II is nothing less than "Your Majesty."

Curious to know which were the celebrities who met the Queen? Following the records:

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David Beckham (in 2002)
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Lady Gaga (in 2009)
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Elton John (in 2012)
1551529225954616 gettyimages 113884391
Helen Mirren (in 2011)
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Rowan Atkinson and Gillian Anderson (in 2012)
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Barack and Michelle Obama, 2016
1551529226845644 gettyimages 456987852
Angelina Jolie (in 2014)
1551529227145933 gettyimages 156733477
Kylie Minogue (in 2012)
1551529227441495 gettyimages 145722760
Paul McCartney and Annie Lennox (in 2012)

(Photos: Getty Images)

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