Is Emily in Paris the new Sex and the City?

Emily in Paris is the series of the moment that is desperately trying to revive the vibe created by Sex and The City. There are those who even say, that Lily Collins can become the new Sarah Jessica Parker.
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Aired on Netflix, the series is about Emily, an ambitious young millennial who left Chicago and moved to Paris for work, turning her life and relationship upside down. Once in the Ville Lumière she will try to assert herself in a hostile context and will start sharing her days on social media with a rather scarce initial audience which, however, grows visibly by the hour; icing on the cake, it will be reposted by Brigitte Macron (the French first lady) herself. Emily, who initially will only be able to rely on her own strength, soon begins to bond with Mindy (Ashley Park), a young Parisian in love who works as a babysitter in an attempt to achieve her own economic independence. An important role in the life of the American away is then that of Gabriel (Lucas Bravo), aspiring boss-chef and neighbor of Emily, with whom she immediately creates a certain feeling.

What the new Netflix Original series and the famous and beloved “Sex and the City” have in common is the producer Darren Star, also remembered by Beverly Hills 90210 and Melrose Place series. The background is now changed, goodbye New York and welcome to Paris. But if with Carrie, Samantha (successful PR and big fan of no-commitment relationships), Miranda (the lawyer in love with her own independence, who challenges prejudices about single and career women/mothers) and Charlotte (art gallery owner and incurable romantic in the perennial search for true love), the inseparable quartet of friends as different as they are similar, we have known the thousand facets of the Big Apple and we have fully understood how difficult it is to live in the great metropolis, of Paris we only see the postcard version from wonderland. In Emily in Paris there are many clichés, we just see a myriad of selfies on picturesque backgrounds and breakfasts under the banner of the iconic Pain au chocolat, but that's okay too. What is not lacking are stereotypes about the French, but honestly, also about the Americans visiting Europe, and it has not gone unnoticed. Not even the shadow of the complex 360° characters of the Sex and tne City. In her simplicity, Emily is still able to make us smile and let us savor the beauty of the French capital. Darren Star again invited the costume designer Patricia Field to the Emily in Paris, the one who made Parker wear a $5 tutu and made her legendary. The one between Emily and Carrie is a style contest of which we certainly know the ending. Emily is flaunting outfits to scream and is a breath of fresh air, but in terms of charisma and style the Bradshaw is unrivaled: the miniskirts, the Manolo Blaniks, the Fendi baguette, the Dior dress that seemed made of newspaper and the flesh-colored “naked dress” worn on the evening of the first date with Mr. Big are items that have made history. Emily, the sweet, arrogant wannabe influencer, defends herself with dignity, but no one is like Carrie.

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