Lolo Zouaï Is on Her Way to Global Superstardom

After hitting 4 million streams on Spotify, the Franco-Algerian singer-songwriter is focused on her next move. Photography by Jens Ingvarsson. Styling by Savannah White
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With her angelic voice, singer-songwriter Lolo Zouaï turns the mundane into divine poetry, weaving everyday stories and sentiments into undeniable jams that blend glossy ’90s R&B and languid bedroom pop with her Franco-Algerian roots.

In 2017, just a few years into her fledgling music career, Zouaï struck gold with “High Highs to Low Lows,” a dreamy mid-tempo song about the struggle to pay bills on an indie artist’s income.

“Fake gold on my hoops, real rips in my pants / They think it so Gucci but it’s 99 cents,” she sings on the relatable breakout track, which has to date racked up nearly 4 million streams on Spotify—not bad for a track recorded from her bedroom in Brooklyn.



“It just shows me that I’m doing the right thing; that this is right for me,” she says of the early success she’s found. “The lyrics that I’m writing are connecting with people. I was lucky enough to have a song that gave me a platform, and now I’m able to put more music out.”



With her first tour now under her belt and new tracks at her disposal—like “Desert Rose,” an intoxicating, emotionally charged love letter to her Algerian family—Zouaï, who’s currently working on her debut EP, is ready to take things to the next level. “I don’t have a ceiling. I want to be a global superstar.”

Makeup Courtney Perkins 

Hair Taichi Studio 

Hair Assistants Toshifumi Kakiuchi and Takamasa Nakamoto

Photo Assistant Shawn Cuni

Stylist Assistant Paget Millard

Location & Equipment Pier 59 Studios

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