Teyana Taylor Talks Upcoming Album at CÎROC Peach Fête

At an event held at her nail salon in Harlem, she also talked about the pressures of social media over mani-pedis and Popeyes.
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Teyana Taylor is getting her toes scrubbed while enjoying a piece of Popeyes fried chicken at Junie Bee Nails, her nail salon in West Harlem. She’s also taking sips from her new favorite drink: peach CÎROC, soda water, and a splash of lime. It used to be CÎROC original, cranberry, and pineapple juice, but that changed today. Taylor has been announced as the first of several new CÎROC ambassadors for the unveiling of its new summer line of vodkas. The upcoming releases will be represented by an all-female roster set to also include Cassie and Karol G.


She's an incredibly busy lady as of late. With her latest album just around the corner (produced by Kanye West, no less) and the premiere of season 1 of Taylor & Iman, the VH1 reality show that follows her and her family, Taylor deserves a drink. “I’m at a time in my life where I have a lot to prove,” she says. “I was doing everything but music, so now that it’s about music, I’ve got to live up to everything else on my resume.”

It was for this reason that she briefly deleted her Instagram account, which boasts over 6.6 million followers. She previously posted clips of her songs, but she's now keeping the rest of the album under wraps. “If I [kept] posting on Instagram [I was] going to drive myself crazy,” she explained. “It’s been nothing but positive comments and so much love, but it puts a lot of pressure on you.”

The unnamed seven-song album drops June 22. As for anything else we should expect? “Pure perfection,” Taylor says matter-of-factly. “I deleted my Instagram for this shit."

We'll drink to that. 

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