The third part of the "Chronicles of Narnia" goes out

On May 7, 2019 at 20h, AB3 broadcasts ";The World of Narnia: The Odyssey of the Dawnman" the third installment of the saga. The opportunity to discover or immerse yourself in the surreal world of the trilogy.
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While the question of a probable exit of the fourth part of the World of Narnia still arises, AB3 broadcasts on May 7 from 20h the third chapter of the saga The World of Narnia: The Odyssey of the Dawnman. Directed by Michael Apted, the film tells the story of Edmund, played by Skandar Keynes, his sister Lucy, camped by Georgie Henley and their cousin Eustache, aka Will Poulter, gathered on the ship of Caspian, King of Narnia, Passenger dawn, interpreted by Ben Barnes, as they went to join the imaginary country.

The first feature film, released in 2005 and adapted from the novels of the writer CSLewis, had great success at the box office with more than 745 million dollars, or nearly 665 million euros. This last installment received several awards in 2011 including the National Movie Awards in the category of the best performance of the year, the Golden Globe for the best original song and the People's Choice Awards for the best 3D action movie...

"Chapter Three: The Odyssey of the Dawn Treader of the World of Narnia".

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