Tilda Swinton the new muse of Almodóvar

The Spanish director will take the screens The Human Voice by Jean Cocteau.
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The first short film in English by the La Mancha director with the renowned actress Tilda Swinton, has started shooting in Madrid. Known for her great acting skills in films like The Grand Budapest Hotel and Benjamin Button, Swinton will play a desolate woman, who finds herself alone in a bedroom while calling her lover who is about to marry another woman. The project is based on the 1930 play La Voix humaine, originally written for Edith Piaf, by the French playwright and poet Jean Cocteau.


In a new version, Almodóvar will make his own interpretation of the classic monologue. “Tilda is as open and intelligent as I ever dreamed of. During rehearsals we understood each other perfectly" - commented the director about the British actress.

The final version will be shown next month during the Venice International Film Festival, and we are sure this talented dumbbell will not disappoint.

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